The Sculpture Farm

The Studio and Workshop of Wayne Vaughn

Room with a View

Fauxed Steel


10.7'h x 10'w x 26"d

*Sold to a private collection

Go Figure

Fauxed & Painted Steel   


8'3"h x 4'w x 22"d

*Sold to a private collection

Anvil Moon

Powder Coated & Patinaed Steel   


11'h x 16'6"w x 42"d


Fauxed Steel with Stainless Steel   


10'h x 8"w x 32"d

*Commisioned to a private collection

The Drawing

Recycled steel w/ clear urethane finish


10'h x 7'w x 8'd

Click Link to view video of "Steel Mask" inspired by "The Drawing" 

Composed by: Casey Sagolla-Slamp

Performed by: Kuntal Shah, Eli Helms, Casey Sagolla-Slamp


 Painted Steel 2010

7'h x 9'6"w x 9'd

*Gifted to the Alamance Arts Council in Graham, NC

"Freedom" represents for me the joy of a day spent out of doors.... the sun, the water, the earth." - Wayne Vaughn

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